We believe in being 100% genuine in and out of the salon. We have created a space where our clients (and stylists) can be totally be themselves. No judgement. No shame.

— Lou Shaw, Founder


From small things, big things grow…

When Lou Shaw started her hairdressing salon, Louka Hair, she was working out of her garage with a grand total of four clients. She was working three jobs to support her dream while trying to build her client base, but no matter how hard she hustled, it wasn’t really working...

It was then Lou realised that in order to truly grow her business, she was going to need to change her mindset. She took a leap of faith and invested in a mentor and education. Fast forward to today and Lou has cemented herself as one of the best colourists in the region because of the investments she made in herself early on. She’s had the pleasure to work and learn from some of Australia’s leading stylists & just recently travelling abroad to learn from America’s top colourists to extend her colour knowledge.

So today, in order to share what she’s learnt over the many years of salon ownership, Lou has turned her focus to a new venture; The Colour Society.

She and her team have been working incredibly hard on building an education portfolio to bring you a unique take on salon learning.

Combining a love for hair with business savvy, her aim is help regional colourists to improve their skills AND knowledge on building a salon brand that has the customer at its heart.